My name is Wilfried Hoge and I write about things I like, I see, I hear, I feel, move me.

I was born in Cologne and grew up in Hürth, where I also went to school. After my apprenticeship as a mathematical-technical assistant at FZ Jülich I studied theoretical computer science in Bonn.

I  work in Bavaria since 1995 and since 2002 I live in Munich.

Data and its processing is my professional basis. Already during my apprenticeship and studies I spent most of my time thinking about and working with data. Big Data/KI, internet politics and the digital society are my current primary interests. I am a member of the political party SPD and the internet lobby group D64. I am also active at my local church Rogatekirche München. Currently I work for IBM in Munich as an Analytics Architect.

I like photography a lot but fly-fishing is my new passion and you can read about my progress here. I write regularly in German on this blog and was a member of IronBlogger München.

I tweet at @wilfriedhoge. You can securely communicate with me using PGP (0A5339E6) or Threema (A2RM3FDT).

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